Residential Moving & Cleaning

A Hassle-Free Moving Experience

At Singh Moving & Cleaning, we handle your belongings and goods cautiously and ensure zero damage and breakage. Our team has your best interests in mind and ensures that from packing to unloading the last piece of furniture off the truck, each step is comfortable and hassle-free for you. Our expert team of movers will put the highest level of effort to load your items in the truck in an organized manner, along with the option of added protection for fragile works goods to avoid damage. After reaching the destination, we will unload each item efficiently and carefully.

Avail our sustainable and environment-friendly cleaning services today.

When the junk keeps getting piled up and gets challenging to clear up, our professional cleaners can clear it all up and offer your space a neat look. Hiring us for your house cleaning services will make the whole lengthy and time-consuming process convenient for you. You can relax and sit back while we take over the cleaning from start to finish. We offer a compressive range of cleaning services to benefit from, and our rates are highly affordable. We are fully trained to perform all residential cleaning services anywhere across California.

We quickly provide you with the needed labor and equipment to declutter your home and leave, making it look better. We offer environmentally friendly services and are extensively trained to carry waste sustainably.

Commercial Moving & Cleaning

Industry-specific moving services to expedite your task faster than ever before.

We understand that every commercial move means a different and varied set of challenges; that’s why we’re here to offer you the help you need by providing you with solutions tailored to your specific problems. Your major worry would be making the quickest move possible by avoiding any unnecessary downtime as a business.

At Singh Moving & Cleaning, our top-notch loading services will precisely label and pack all items and perform the moving tasks for you at affordable prices. We ensure carrying out moves during weekends and evenings and take care of your commercial equipment, fittings, and furniture. Our corporate clients include small start-ups to large and long-established companies and the military.

Our commercial cleaning services will keep your workplace neat and organized.

We offer comprehensive cleaning services for your commercial needs. Ensuring your commercial site looks more tidy and organized. We bring decades of experience and training in organizing the goods and supplies, leveraging your commercial space to ensure easy mobility. Our overall procedures and approaches are explicitly tailored to the customers’ needs, making us reputable in the moving and cleaning industry. We value your precious assets, realize the significance of your business assets and belongings, and consider them as important as you do.

Residential & Commercial Junk Removing

At Singh Moving & Cleaning, we’re an experienced and professional choice for your junk removal and hauling services across Fremont, CA. We always arrive ready to carry out the removal process immediately. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best junk removal experience possible with free on-site estimates and same-day service.

We offer a complete range of junk removal and hauling services for commercial and residential properties. We happily remove items big and small, so you don’t have to! Our on-time pickups and recycling program ensures you receive the best service at the best price. Call us today for your free on-site estimate if you’re ready to have your junk removed.

Piano Moving

Our team brings years of technical expertise in moving a piano without losing a single tune.

Your piano can be one of the most difficult things to move. They can weigh anywhere between 300 lbs to over 1,000 lbs, and there’s no way to move it yourself. Furthermore, the large dimensions of this musical piece of equipment make it incredibly hard to carry without professional help.

We understand pianos are not just expensive and delicate, but they can often have sentimental memories attached to them. Therefore, we are here at your service to move all variants of a piano the most professional way. Our extensively trained moving teams are always ready to handle any situation.

Car Cleaning

We know you love your car, so we are here to make it look good as new

We bring extensive experience in car cleaning services and leverage top-notch and sustainable cleaning products to make your vehicle shine. No matter what brand or model, we pay attention to detail in every aspect of the cleaning job to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is not an easy job. But, guess what! We have the right people for it!

Our carpet cleaners never miss a detail and perform multiple processes to clean your carpet, making it good as new. Our extensively trained moving teams are always ready to handle any carpet situation.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Delivering excellence in lawn care and maintenance solutions

We can give your lawn a whole new look with extensive lawn care and maintenance knowledge. On-call, weekly, or regular maintenance service, We are here at your service to ensure that you have an exquisite-looking Lawn all year round.